Choosing and living

To publicy a treatment which brings more well-being to patients and to incentivate the organs’ donation, that’s the project’s goal. For Nair Benedicto, photographer and chronic renal patient, Choosing and living brings valuable information. “[The project] demythologizes peritoneal dialysis practices and shows people of all professions and ages treating themselves in all kinds of place. I hope this book and its emotionally stories take strength and courage to all chronic renal.”

While André François was developing the book The curve and the path (2008), he had the chance to know several chronic renal stories. It was inspired by some of these patients’ stories that André decided getting deeper into their reality. Many of them lived in the countryside and needed to travel three times a week or move to a bigger city to have access to hemodialysis.

By researching the subject, the photographer got in contact with peritoneal dialysis, which although can be done at home with more convenience, it is not well known yet. Keeping that in mind, François decided to photograph stories of people who adhered to this treatment and could move on with their lives inside their homes while waiting kidney transplant.

“André François’ look is once again launched with keen humanitarian and sensitivity on a medical subject. Men, women, young and children from four places of Brazil, from different social classes and professions, reflect the mosaic of socioeconomic and cultural diversity of our country that indistinctly have in common the kidney failure”, analyzes Fabio Tozzi, doctor and coordinator of the Saúde e Alegria project. Published in 2009, Choosing and living – Treatment and quality of life of chronic renal patients was one of the finalists in the category Published Photo Essay from Conrado Wessel Foundation Award, one of the most important photography prizes in Brazil.