Health and culture

To promote a more humane health care service and a better relationship between staff and patients, the Health and Culture program lands in hospital’s atmosphere giving the opportunity to everyone to express – by using photography – what caring represents to them, by the point of view who lives this daily.

Doctors, nurses, psychologists, cleaning staff, patients and their families are invited to think about caring with a camera in their hands. “I’ve never seen any other project [Health and culture] like that. The picture was so important because we could understand patients’ feelings. I was touched by the captions written by some mothers about the health team and the care we provide to their children”, tells Francine Pereira, nurse of Prof. Edgard Santos University Hospital, Salvador, state of Bahia.

During the workshops, participants produce images and subtitles using a mobile app Camino, developed exclusively by ImageMagica. At the end of program, they receive their own printed creations.

For José Roberto Ferraro, doctor and superintendent of Hospital of São Paulo, “the project really get together patients and health professionals. I can see how this had changed, and it wasn’t in the next week you’re gone, it’s remained”.

Since 206, the program has already been present in more than 50 hospitals and health centers around Brazil.