ImageMagica is an NGO and was created in 1995 by the photographer André François*. Bringing together photography and social work, we believe image is an universal language that has the power to overcome barriers and be a tool of change and social transformation.

With the encouragement of a more critical view, through educational activities and photo-documentaries, we seek to create conditions for the personal and social development of each one.

Social projects: Developed in hospitals, schools and communities in Brazil and worldwide, the projects invite children, adolescents, patients and health professionals to photograph, think about their reality and propose changes. In addition to the impact on communities and institutions, the participants themselves multiply what they have learnt about photography and organized exhibitions with the images produced. With PhotoTruck, a itinerant unit adapted to educational purposes, projects have reached more and more people through itinerant workshops.

Photo-documentaries: produced mainly by André Francois and his team, the documentaries discuss issues of public interest as health, education and
environment, beyond stories about communities in Brazil and worldwide. Transposing the limits of the national borders, the projects won the world, with travels to places like Cambodia, Haiti, Japan, Bolivia, Rwanda, China, United States and Kenya. With the support of organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN) and Doctors Without Borders (MSF), the results go back to the communities and other places through books, exhibitions, lectures, videos and websites.

ImageMagica works with governmental laws that engourage culture, such as Lei de Incentivo à Cultura, ProAC and FUMCAD.

*André François is a photographer and his works are part of Pirelli/Masp Collection of Photography – one of the biggest Brazilian photographic collections –, he was a finalist for the Social Entrepreneur Award 2006 – an initiative of the Schwab Foundation in partnership with Folha de S.Paulo newspaper– and was awarded by the Syngenta Photography Award in 2013. Learn more at: www.andrefrancois.com.br



Gustavo Barbosa e Sandra Araújo


Andreza Portela, Beatriz Hoffmann, Karlene de Oliveira, Lucas Nogueirão e Simone Araújo


André François, Camila Pasin, Danielle Feltrin, Paula Poleto e Taís Capparelli


Lilian Fonseca