The curve and the path – Access to health care in Brazil

To follow the real experience of people’s challenge in access free health treatment predicted as a right on the Brazilian Health Care System (SUS, in Portuguese initials), created in Brazil in 1988, André went to the most distant places of Brazil.

On the road, he understood better the difficulties of access to health with people’s stories who needed to find treatments in others cities and even in other states. The Health Secretary of the State of Acre at the time, Osvaldo Leal Junior affirmed that “the documentation of this reality is an important tool to health actions incentives.”

The project became a book, The curve and the path – Access to health care in Brazil (2008), which put together inspirational stories that show the challenges to make health care in a large country as Brazil. The book won the 1st place in Published Photo Essay from Conrado Wessel Foundation Award 2008. Also, photographs of this documentary were chosen in 2009 to be part of the permanent Pirelli-Masp Photography Collection, the largest photo collection in Brazil.

“[The curve and the path] took me to think that, in public health terms, we must know better the reality of our own country, if we want to concretize the principles of our health care system: universal access, attention’s integrality and equity”, analyzed Paulo Antonio de Carvalho Fortes, professor at the Public Health School, from University of São Paulo.