Beyond skin


“It’s curious to see how people react when I tell them leprosy saved my life”, tells Francisco Faustino Pinto, who coordinates the Movement for Reintegration of People Affected by leprosy in Juazeiro do Norte, at state of Ceará.“I went through many trials, suffered with the treatment, had sequels and was discriminated, but I don’t want to carry this sorrow. I live in Juazeiro do Norte and spent my youth in a poor neighborhood, where most of the boys became drug dealers or criminals. The disease made me go to a different direction”, reveal.

Every year, over 30,000 people are diagnosed with the disease in Brazil and as Francisco, they are the reflection of the importance of a early diagnostic, the fight for the cure and for the end of the stigma.

By searching people’s stories that are doing or have already done treatment for leprosy, André went again to the road to know the most diverse characters and to get moved by them in each visit. For him, “these loads of suffering are what make their sensitivity rise, turning them into extremely sweet and welcoming people to those who treat them as equals and are not afraid to touch, to be close and to look them in the eyes.”

The tribute to this people needed to go beyond the images, becoming something also sensible to touch. In this way, the cover, as well as a few pages, were made by kraft paper, a rustic textured type of paper, following the concept of how it’s like to deal with leprosy: the roughness of the situation contrasts with these characters’ sweetness.