By definition, caring means the action of watch over, give attention or to be responsible, however during expeditions by several places in Brazil, André has discovered one more element on his search for caring in medicine.

As a gift, the photographer still received the Patch Adam’s words, doctor and founder of Gesundheit! Institute: “We can see the love that flows of patient and invades those that heal, and the reciprocity of love that goes to the meet of the patient. The caring is the map to stanch the violence and injustice. Love can put a end to suffering and bring to caring to all humanity”.

In his first work from a series of photo-documentary about health, that André would be dedicated in the following years, he searches health professionals that make the difference to patients and families, with the intention to register that subtle instant when one comforts another, independent of technics or knowledge. The characters discovered are the result of a search by the most different forms that humanized medicine manifests in the country.

“To see our indigenous health work documented on Caring book was attest something forgotten, that was lost in a individualist and consumerist world: the act of caring and sharing the pain. The book is a testament to the anonymous”, says Oscar Espellet, doctor portrayed in Caring book.

In 2009, Caring – A documentary about humane medical care in Brazil (2006) had some of its pictures exhibited in an individual room at the São Paulo Museum of Art (Masp, in Portuguese initials), as part of the Pirelli/Masp Photography Collection.

In 2011, an iPad version was released. Besides pictures and text, the app has making of scenes, videos and interviews with the author, revealing curiosities of the stories.