Back home

Searching for a perspective about home treatment in Brazil, André and his team faced the patients, families and health teams’ reality which shows the different faces of that process. From better efficiency in treatment, lower costs to governments and health insurances, patient’s quality of life and wellbeing, to the difficulty with lack of information and total coverage of treatment costs.

“The book helps the society’s understanding that taking care of people in their homes make possible reach and rescue meanings, providing moments of extreme happiness”, explain Luiza Watanabe Dal Ben, president of Dal Ben Home Care.

Back home – A documentary about home care in Brazil (2010) exposes the reality from big cities like São Paulo and Curitiba, which have a good medical infrastructure, to isolated regions, such as Indigenous areas in the Amazon, with lack of access to health care.

The project also had the challenge of integrate the photo documentary with the ImageMagica’s educational team, giving the chance to the books’ characters to be coauthors of their stories by photographing the felling of being care at home after long hospitalization periods. The final images were part of the book as the André’s photographs were..

“Back home touches and influences on the search for better living conditions. The photos show the effort, the struggle and, after all, the love and joy of being able to be close to people we love”, says Suellen Sebastião, muscular dystrophy patient in home care since 1999 and one of the book’s characters.