Learning to see

To Salete Aparecida de Andrade, teacher of a school in the city of Ponta Grossa (State of Paraná), “it was a opportunity that the students had to understand in practice the photography world. Many of then don’t have access to this kind of technology, but even those who have, they don’t know how really a photo is created”.

It’s more than only learning how to photograph, it’s about having a chance to look at the world in a different way – and realizing they can change it. Working with issues such as environment, citizenship, violence and respect, the program’s goal is to encourage participants to think about their reality: school, family, neighborhood and country.

“It is something valuable to show for the kids a new view of the same place of they are every day. There is a real need of look to the world around and the workshop allows them to have this reflection moment”, tells Levi Fanan, ImageMagica’s educator.

Developed in schools, educational institutions and community centers, the program Learning to see teaches participants how to photograph with handmade pinhole cameras or mobile/tablet cameras, using the app Camino, also exclusively developed by ImageMagica.

At the end, participants share their knowledge with teachers and the community.