Women of Strength

With just one question “what is overcoming to you?” André travelled for two years throughout Brazil looking for exciting stories of love and and found fascinated, specials and powerful women that inspired him.

Like Jessica, who got pregnant with 13 years old and dreams to study at a Medicine school, Josivânia, rural worker and community leader, or even Cibelle, a teacher in rural zone who has created an educational program.

“It’s impossible not to be moved by the details that André captured from the photographed women. Strong women who through the lens of the photographer show the universe from São Paulo to Pernambuco, with sweat, tears and speeches of hope and struggle. Without question it’s another possibility to discuss the condition of women and their rights to equality, justice and peace”, tells Albertina Duarte, gynecologist and coordinator of the Secretary of Health from São Paulo State and the State Program for Adolescent Health.

The stories addresses issues such as dreams, professional realization, teenager pregnancy, family relationships, domestic and gender-based violence and the facing of illnesses such as cancer.

The results became a photo-documentary and a video-documentary Women of Strength, which women tell their own stories and show why they became an inspiration to their country, community, family and themselves.