Brazilian Health Expedition

Was this delicate relation between city doctors and forests patients that motived André to follow professionals of a Brazilian organization that travels to the most remote places since 2007.

Respecting the forest and patient and his family’s traditions, doctors, nurses, and volunteers of Brazilian Health Expedition (EDS) go deep in Brazil with a cause: provide medical care, especially surgical, to indigenous population.

This work avoids trauma and the high cost of going to big cities searching for treatment. More than 140,000 Indigenous people, from 58 ethnic groups, have already been taken care by the Brazilian Health Expeditions since it beginning, in 2003.

“The Brazilian Health Expedition rekindles hope, the sweet and blessed hope that not all is lost, and win much more than a historic registry of yours expeditions, the deserved acknowledgment or visibility. They win in the beauty of each photography, thankful eyes unnoticed in the hurry of the everyday work”. Sydney Possuelo’s words and wisdom was chose to be at the preface of Brazilian Health Expedition (2013), a result of eight expeditions with the organization including the first international travel to Haiti, after the strong earthquake, in 2010.