Project Life

With the purpose to aware people and sensitize political representatives, André decided to travel the world photographing positive and efficient actions of health promotion and quality of life in the most different cultures and regions.

Inspired by WHO (World Health Organization) estimative that says that of each dollar invested in health promotion, five are saved in treatment, the photographer developed Life Project and went deep in the issue since 2008, visiting more than 14 countries. From Amerindian communities like the Yanomamis in Roraima state, Brazil, and the Inuits in Nunavut, Canada, through Japan, China, Bolivia, Cambodia, the United States and Haiti to South Africa, Lesotho, Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.

To Kelly Cavalete, 2012 Mavalane project coordinator for Doctors Without Borders in Maputo, Mozambique, to participate of the project was a great way to show to the world the reality experienced by patients and Doctors Without Borders health professionals in Mozambique. “The pictures are now part of our outreach work and awareness for the Mozambican population”.

With a long material in each trip, the Life Project still is in development and the almost one decade work’s result soon will be reveled.

“I appreciate to André and his team from Brazil by spend a time with us in Uganda and give us a amazing opportunity to show our work of palliative care to cancer and HIV patients”, tell Eddie Mwebesa, doctor and clinical director of Hospice Africa Uganda.