Empower to make dreams come true. This is the objective of the PhotoPower project, which conducts photography and entrepreneurship workshops at institutions that serve people in situations of social vulnerability. In addition to exercising their gaze, participants also learn techniques for adapting the mindset with neurolinguistic programming (NLP), thus rescuing their self-esteem and breaking limiting beliefs.

In the photo workshops, the participants develop a new look around them by producing photos and captions, thus materializing their dreams in an image and opening ways to realize them. It is a moment that allows for reflections and self-knowledge.

At the end of the project, the entire production is transformed into a beautiful exhibition and the participants receive a certificate.


People in situations of social vulnerability


  • Photography and entrepreneurship workshops<
  • Photographic technique and production
  • Communication and writing
  • Photographic exhibition

We know brave people, willing to change. All seeking healing, restructuring, balance, reunion with their origins and the possibility of writing a new story.

Simone AraújoEducator

I was just a housewife, mother of 5 children, which is not an easy task, especially in a world marked by individualism and discrimination. But now, I see myself with possibilities. I experienced a new beginning, the discovery of dreams, the construction of new paths. It wasn't just a photography course, it was much more.

Lucimara VieiraParticipant

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